"Every girl in Ghana wants me as a boyfriend" – Kuami Eugene

“Every girl in Ghana wants me as a boyfriend” – Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene, a highlife performer, has advised women who want to date him to get a thick skin since every other lady wants a piece of him.

According to the artist, any woman who want to date him should be prepared to face all sorts of criticism and be robust in the face of certain members of the public.

Being his girlfriend, according to Kuami Eugene, is not easy.

“I am not dating… Right now, I know dating me will be very difficult. You should have tough skin to date me,” he disclosed on ‘Stripped by Sika Osei’.

“Currently, women, girls, everyone, including men, want to have one person to themselves…If you wanna have me to yourself, it’s gonna take some sacrifices because people won’t just allow you to.

They won’t allow you to have Kuami all for yourself. You’ll get a lot of hatred… people are gonna hurt you. They will come at you,”

Everybody wants a piece of me. It is what it is…I am attracted to smart and neat people,” he said.

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"Every girl in Ghana wants me as a boyfriend" – Kuami Eugene