Eating too much of Konkonte can make your Vjay smell good – Doctor tells ladies (Video)

Effa Bafo Gyamfi, a Ghanaian guy we assume is a doctor, has recommended all ladies to consume Konkonte if they truly want a very clean and sweet-scented vajayjay (do you know what vajayjay is?).

Mr. Gyamfi made the startling disclosure while appearing on Kantanka TV to address health-related issues.

Konkonte is a Ghanaian dish that is commonly served with palm nut or groundnut soup.

It is widely consumed in west African nations like as Nigeria, as well as the Caribbean. The delicacy’s English name is “BROWN FUFU.” Tapioca, a popular Brazilian meal, is strikingly similar.

On the same episode, the TV guest also stated that no meaningful s.ex should go more than five minutes since one must be able to experience complete ecstasy and climax within that time frame.

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He correctly pointed out that many make the mistake of using what they see in pornographic films as the basis for their actual s.ex lives, which is completely incorrect.

He went on to say that these performers in p.orn movies use medications and other modifications in order to extend the performance and support the visual idea.

watch his video below;