“During Sḝx, my wife makes me l!ck her armpits and toes”- Man cries for help

A young guy has resorted to social media to seek the assistance of the general public after revealing that his wife, whom he recently married, has been requesting him to lick his armpit and toes whenever they have sex.

According to the guy, who claimed that he is a banker and has been married to a nurse for three months, they sat down and vowed to refrain from sex until they married, but a strange thing occurred after they married and went on their honeymoon.

The man said that his wife requested him to smack her buttocks with a belt during their s3x, which he did, but the lady continued requesting him to do it harder, which he did because he believed she was just a little kinky.

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He went on to say that his wife once requested him to lick her armpits and toes, which he did since he didn’t want to ruin her first night, but the event has since persisted as his wife disclosed to him that she only gets turned on when he licks his armpits and toes.

Taking to Facebook, the young guy pleaded for assistance so that she could assist her wife in returning to normalcy.

Please see his post below.

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