“Driving Pragyia pays more than my teaching Job”- Female teacher quits teaching to drive (video)

Teachers’ employment is regarded as a “service to mankind” rather than a profession deserving of high pay — at least in third-world countries such as Ghana and Nigeria.

After laying down her tools to start a new profession as a commercial driver chauffeuring people in a tricycle, known locally as ‘Pragya’ or ‘Mahama Camboo’ in Ghana and ‘Keke Napep’ in Nigeria, one young lady has revealed her experience working as a former teacher.

According to the woman, who graduated from the University of Calabar in Nigeria, she immediately began teaching and went on to tutor at four other schools after graduation. However, her salaries from all of her employers were so low that she needed to find something more lucrative to work for.

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She eventually opted to make a living operating a commercial tricycle, and she claims it pays her more than a teaching job.

When one of her passengers, who was impressed with her spoken English, inquired why she took the job despite having an excellent education, the woman revealed this.

She emphasized that working as a pragya [keke] driver pays better than teaching.

Take a look at the video below for some motivation.

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