Dr UN flaunts his new girlfriend after breaking up with Joyce Dzidor (video)

Dr UN flaunts his new girlfriend after breaking up with Joyce Dzidor (video)

Despite the fact that Dr. UN and Joyce Dzidzor Mensah’s marriage was declared null and void, they continue to provide us with content on a daily basis.

Remember that just a few days after their “fake” wedding, a video of Dr. UN captured with a hard erection while recording a video with Joyce Dzidzor in a bedroom went viral?

This video became popular on the internet for several days, and users of various social media platforms made fun of the two individuals seeking attention.

It would appear that Dr. UN has moved on and found a new lover, whom he has made his first public appearance flaunting on social media.

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During the independence match that included bloggers, actresses, actors, and Youtubers, the organizer and brains behind the infamous UN Awards proudly unveiled his “new catch.”

According to Dr. UN’s, his new flame is currently in a relationship with the most stunning woman in the nation.

While he was praising his new lover, he subtly insulted Joyce Mensah and claimed that he was sorry he ever married the Ghanaian-born attention seeker, who now resides in Germany.

Because he and Joyce Mensah are no longer together, he strongly encouraged his followers on social media to completely disassociate their accounts with each other’s brands.

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