"Don’t You Wish To Have Me In Bed" - Ghanaian Gἇy Wood Madea asks Zionfelix

“Don’t You Wish To Have Me In Bed” – Ghanaian Gἇy Wood Madea asks Zionfelix

wood madea and zionfelix

The proud Ghanaian gay and content creator known as Wood Madea was a guest on the most recent episode of Zion Felix’s “The Uncut Show,” and he shared a lot of information about himself during his appearance.

According to Madea, he is the bottom(a gay term for the onw serving as the wife). He revealed that he is a Muslim and had been married to his husband for 17 years. He further stated that It’s not something he picked up as he grew older; he’s been gay since birth.

In addition, he admitted to have cheated on his marriage on other occasions, including one when he freely admitted it to his husband.

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Wood Madea used the interview as a chance to try to woo the blogger, despite the fact that he may not have found him attractive. He challenged Zionfelix to examine his entire body, from his thighs to the soles of his feet, asking if Zion don’t have feelings for him.

Watch the video below: