“Don’t listen to Ghanaians if you want your new relationship to last”- Delay Advises Sister Derby (Video)

  Sister Derby has been advised by Delay to disregard the criticism and embrace her new relationship if she connects with him and he makes her happy, since what others think doesn’t matter.

According to Delay, finding someone genuine to love you is difficult, especially when you are out there since you don’t know their motivation, therefore if Sister Derby is content with her newfound love, she should enjoy herself.

In addition, when it comes to love, age, height, money, or even religion doesn’t matter because it’s difficult to meet someone you vibe with, so if Sister Derby believes she’s happy with this person and vibes with him, she should enjoy her life.

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To Delay, if you understand the person and he/she makes you joyful and forget about some things, you have nothing to worry about what others will say, thus Sister Derby should disregard the naysayers and enjoy her love.

Watch the video below;