“Don’t let anyone convince you to leave your man because he cheated”- Actress Nkechi advises women

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has shared her thoughts on how people often use social media to bash their partners when they are having problems.

She said this after the beautiful wife of Nigerian Legendary Artist 2baba posted on social media about her husband’s marriage issues, accusing him of having an affair with his baby, Mama Pero. She also shared an audio recording of her husband lying to her after packing his clothing and pretending he was going on a shoot, only to discover he was on his way to America without telling her.

Nkechi claims that she will never, under any circumstances, post about her marital problems on social media, nor will she leave her spouse for cheating on her. She claims that the people who give the best relationship advice on Instagram are usually the ones who are having the most problems in their relationships.

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She wrote:

Leave him you are worth more*Yen Yen Yen..Aunty Leave at your own peril,they either be the one to replace you the moment you leave or someone very close to them…God sef know say na only him be 3rd party for my relationship…Ndi Ala Ndi Ala…

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