"Don't leave your wife if she gets pregnant for another man"- Lady advises men

“Don’t leave your wife if she gets pregnant for another man”- Lady advises men

A young woman has made the case that a husband shouldn’t divorce his wife just because another man caused her to become pregnant.

According to the young woman with the handle, Chioma, men shouldn’t evict their wives for having an extramarital affair.

The young woman asserted that if a woman unintentionally becomes pregnant by another guy, her husband should go to the war room and submit the situation to the Lord in prayer as opposed to divorcing her because it was an error and not a conscious decision.

Many people have responded to her article online, mainly guys.

@Tola Joseph“This gender war isn’t ending soon. A man and a woman will never be the same. Not today, not tomorrow, not forevermore.”

@Left handed tom: “Until you people understand that the values of a man and woman are not same. Then you will understand you can’t compare a man’s wrong deeds to a woman’s wrong deed. We act like we live in a different world. There is a reason a man marries a woman and not the other way round.

Another man Jide emeka also commented, “Ladies should start having this understanding that consequences are different Cheating and brokenness. A woman can be broke still get love but not man A man can cheat (not supporting it anyways) and still get away but not woman Everything revolves around law of nature“.

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