“Don’t have children if you don’t have money”- Nigerian podcaster advises (watch video)

A Nigerian podcaster has made a thought-provoking statement, asserting that having children without the means to care for them is a grave disservice to humanity. Contrary to the popular belief that children are blessings, he argues that they can become a liability when brought into the world without adequate resources.

According to the podcaster, the root cause of the increasing number of people begging and resorting to theft on the streets lies in the decision to have children without the financial means to support them. Instead of taking responsibility, many individuals blame the government for their woes. However, the podcaster emphasizes that even if the government were to improve, the situation wouldn’t change significantly if financial preparedness for parenthood is ignored.

The podcaster questions the rationale behind bringing someone into existence when the parents themselves derive pleasure from it but subject the child to suffering due to their lack of means. His advice is clear: before deciding to have children, it is crucial to ensure that you possess the financial resources to provide for them adequately.

He highlights that children should not be treated as investments, but rather, they deserve to be invested in for their well-being and future. This thought-provoking statement serves as a reminder that the decision to become a parent should be accompanied by financial preparedness and the ability to provide for the child’s needs.

To gain a deeper understanding of his perspective, watch the video below.


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