"Don't forget me if you get famous"- Rihanna Begs Ghanaian Fashion Designer for an autograph.

“Don’t forget me if you get famous”- Rihanna Begs Ghanaian Fashion Designer for an autograph.

Papa Oppong Bediako, a Ghanaian fashion designer based in the United States, experienced a breathtaking moment after Rihanna begged him for an autograph.

After Papa Oppong shared a video of his recent exploits during the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards, Rihanna barged into his direct messages to demand an autograph.

During the show, Oppong received an award and showed off some of his outfits, which caught Rihanna’s attention.

The pregnant Barbadian beauty joked that Oppong must come for an autograph before he becomes extremely famous and dumps her by the side of the road because he’s on his way to stardom.

“Congratulations man” This giving me chills! I want an autograph before you get too famous and forget about me,” Rihanna wrote.

In his public posting of the message, Oppong, who was in ecstasy, wrote:

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Oppong, who was in ecstasy over the message, shared it publicly and wrote: “Rihanna I adore you! Forever and ever! I can’t wait to meet you and scream and laugh and cry together!!! This can’t be real life!!! I’m gonna go cry right now. Be right back 😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏾♥️,”

View Rihanna’s message to Oppong below.

Papa Oppong, a fashion designer, was raised and born in Ghana, a country in West Africa. The young designer, who has a strong passion for self-expression and storytelling, is constantly looking for ways to use his work in fashion to advance feminism, cultural identity, and societal perceptions of gender roles.

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At the moment, Papa resides in New York City, where he just finished his MFA program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.