Don’t Feel Used When A Man Dumps You After sex – Dzifa Sweetness to ladies

Sex Coach and relationship expert, Dzifa Sweetness has disclosed that men don’t use women when it comes to sex, both use the other since pleasure is shared between the two.

If a man dumps you after sex, he hasn't used you - Dzifa Sweetness
Dzifa Sweetness

According to her, sex is a mutual agreement that brings pleasure and even research shows that women get the most pleasure 70% to men’s 30%. hence women should not go about saying they’ve been used and dumped after sex.

“You had sex with me, I also had sex with you. That is not being used”. she said

She added that “the only time women can feel used is when she has done a lot for the guy in question and he ignores it and dumps her. That is when we can say you have used a woman.”

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