“Don’t Beg People To Love You, Use Juju On Them” – Hajia Bintu advises

Earlier this morning, Hajia Bintu gave advice to her social media followers, advising that instead of begging for love, one could use juju. 

No one can be persuaded to love; therefore, The well-endowed socialist believes that instead of pleading for someone’s love, one should use voodoo on a person he/she desires.

In a tweet, she wrote “Don’t beg people to love you, use juju on them”

In the long run, even if a person has used juju to get someone’s affection, he or she will come back to their senses and understand that they’ve been in the wrong place for a long time.

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Many of her fans were not pleased with her comments, so slammed her for it.  a lady, expressing her disgust, wrote: “May God protect our good men and sons from such women in Jesus name, Amen”

People described her as an attention-seeker and a lady with low self-esteem in the comments section.

There are many who believe Hajia Bintu’s reputation will take a hit and encourage women to pray for their husbands.