“Don’t always go for prayer meetings, sometimes party hard and enjoy life”- Rev. Eastwood Anaba advises Christians

Eastwood Anaba, a Ghanaian pastor, has pushed his church and Christians to embrace secularism and incorporate it into their daily life.

According to the pastor, a Christian’s life should include a dose of joy and amusement, therefore partying should be part of the routine.

Eastwood Anaba, speaking to members of his church, said secularism should not be vilified since if Christians are just constrained to prayer meetings, their lives will be uninteresting.

“You claim you won’t go to a party when they invite you.” You tell them you don’t attend to parties when they ask. I’ve heard brothers say they don’t enjoy parties, therefore I’m not going. You will spend the rest of your life as a villager if you sit there.”

“When you attend a party, you have the opportunity to meet new people and be open to new ideas. That’s where you’ll see folks walking and talking while holding their fruit juice. That’s where you’ll find correct connections.”

Eastwood Anaba also hinted that places considered secular and impure by many Christians can hold their blessings.

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He also advised ladies seeking husbands to attend gatherings where they had a better chance of meeting a suitor.

“There is no connection between the nim tree you’ve been sitting under and the nim tree you’ve been sitting under. So when they ask you to a birthday party, they’re basically saying, 

“Come there and meet some new people.” Even your hubby can be found there at times. What’s more, husbands aren’t attending a prayer gathering. Everyone is here to make a mess. Something is chasing us all here, and because of the way you are, they don’t even see you, the woman…”

“When you go to parties, people are moved by your beauty. It’s a party when a man glances at you and asks, “What is this?” when you go by. I’ve witnessed the Lord’s salvation, Lord Jesus.”