Does he even own a house? – Afia Dragon slams Avram Moshe for claiming he bought her a house

– Afia Dragon denies having any sexual relations with Avram Ben Moshe, founder of Common-Sense Family.
– Avram Ben Moshe’s rant about being jilted by Afia Dragon.
– Afia Dragon denies receiving any gifts or support from Ben Moshe.
– Afia Dragon questions Ben Moshe’s ability to purchase a three-bedroom house for her.
– Afia Dragon claims the allegations are a ploy by Ben Moshe to gain popularity in the entertainment industry.

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Afia Dragon Denies Allegations of Sexual Relations with Avram Ben Moshe

In a recent social media outburst, Avram Ben Moshe, the founder, and leader of Common-Sense Family, expressed his disappointment and feeling of being jilted by his supposed lover, Afia Dragon. However, Afia Dragon has come forward to vehemently deny these allegations, stating that she has never engaged in any sexual relations with Ben Moshe.

During an interview on Mama Radio, Afia Dragon refuted the claims made by Ben Moshe and even questioned the credibility of his accusations. She denied receiving any form of financial or material support from him, including the purchase of a three-bedroom house. With a hint of sarcasm, she asked, “Do I look like someone whom a house has been bought for?”

Afia Dragon went on to shed light on Ben Moshe’s living arrangements, highlighting the fact that he himself is renting a three-bedroom apartment with three other individuals. This raises doubts about his ability to buy a house for her. It becomes evident that his claims may be baseless and meant to serve his own agenda rather than reflect the truth.

While Afia Dragon acknowledged being friends with Ben Moshe, she firmly stated that their relationship did not extend beyond friendship boundaries. According to her, Ben Moshe concocted the idea of romantic involvement between them as a means to boost her popularity in the entertainment industry. It appears that these allegations might be nothing more than a calculated move on his part.

In conclusion, Afia Dragon has categorically denied any sexual relationship with Avram Ben Moshe. She has refuted the claims and shed light on the lack of evidence supporting his accusations. It is crucial to approach such allegations with skepticism and consider the motives behind them. Afia Dragon’s side of the story highlights the importance of seeking the truth before passing judgment.

Does he even own a house? - Afia Dragon slams Avram Moshe for claiming he bought her a house


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