Doctors declared her to Die In 6months time, but Amanda has lived for 6years – See her current photos

Children, we think, are a gift from God. When individuals marry, one of their main goals is to produce children who will care for them as they grow up and be proud of them.

Amanda was born with a condition known as hydrocephalus. The buildup of Cerebrospinal fluid in the brain causes this disease. Doctors said Amanda would not live for more than six months, yet she has survived by God’s mercy for six years. Even though she has hydrocephalus, Amanda’s parents have been able to keep her alive because they love their children. Despite Amanda has a physically fit sibling, the parents do not draw any distinctions between the two children.

This is what the mother had to say about it. “I am not sure how we have made it this far since the doctors warned us Amanda would not live for more than three months!! It is been a difficult road, one marked by sadness and suffering, tears and heartbreak, and melancholy! At the same time, a voyage full of delights. God has been kind. Hey, we have made it to the sixth line and counting…I may not be the finest mother in the world, but my love for you (my daughters) is undeniable. “

Your prayers are still needed to help the innocent girl live a long life and fulfill her destiny on our lovely planet. By leaving comments and sharing, you may help her enjoy a long life.

below are her photos;

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