Diana Hamilton’s ‘Say Amen’ takes over social media as fans jams to it – Videos

Diana Hamilton’s latest single, ‘Say Amen,’ has become a sensation in Africa, captivating fans from various countries including Nigeria, Liberia, Cote D’Ivoire, and beyond. This award-winning Ghanaian artist has struck a chord with listeners, who have been sharing videos on social media expressing their heartfelt appreciation for the song. ‘Say Amen’ is not just any ordinary song; it is a powerful expression of faith and belief in God’s promises. Inspired by scriptures that encourage believers to walk by faith, Diana’s soul-stirring vocals and touching lyrics have resonated deeply with audiences across the continent.

The song emphasizes the power of declarations and faith in God’s integrity. By decreeing and declaring in faith, Diana reminds listeners that God will establish what they believe in, echoing the wisdom found in Job 22:28. This powerful message has deeply touched her fans, who have embraced the song with enthusiasm. The combination of powerful lyrics and captivating visuals has left a lasting impression on viewers, drawing them closer to the essence of the song. Social media platforms are flooded with videos featuring the new track in the background.

As fans continue to share their heartfelt renditions of ‘Say Amen’ online, it becomes evident that Diana Hamilton’s music has transcended borders and language barriers, speaking to the hearts of believers across Africa. Her unwavering faith and commitment to her craft have united audiences, making ‘Say Amen’ a powerful anthem of hope and inspiration in these challenging times.


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