“Diamond Appiah behaves childish, she needs deliverance” – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha has spoken out against Diamond Appiah’s recent actions. Diamond has been making negative comments about her friends and public figures, and Kumchacha believes that her behavior is unacceptable.

Kumchacha strongly condemned Diamond’s actions and urged her to seek deliverance from God. He criticized her for talking too much and warned that this behavior can get her into trouble with enemies. Kumchacha also advised Tracey Boakye to distance herself from Diamond, as he believed she harbors envy towards her.

Kumchacha believes that Diamond needs deliverance from God, even though she is wealthy. He cited Proverbs 13:7, which says, “There is one who makes himself rich, yet has nothing.” Kumchacha thinks that material wealth alone does not ensure inner fulfillment.

Kumchacha thinks that Diamond and Naana Brown are malicious women engaging in sinister behavior. He likened them to birds of the same feather and believes that they are bad people. Kumchacha also mentioned Diamond’s public insult directed at media mogul Osei Kwame Despite as an example of disrespectful behavior.

Prophet Kumchacha’s criticism of Diamond Appiah arises from the ongoing controversy surrounding leaked audio conversations between Appiah and her former best friend, Nana Brown, which have sparked further controversy online. Kumchacha believes that Diamond needs to change her behavior and seek deliverance from God.

“Diamond Appiah behaves childish, she needs deliverance” – Prophet Kumchacha
“Diamond Appiah behaves childish, she needs deliverance” – Prophet Kumchacha


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