Delay Emotionally Replies A Fan Who Told Her She Is Nothing Without A Husband – Screenshot

Popular TV show hostess Deloris Frimpong Manson of ‘The Delay Show’ has emotionally replied to a fan who told her she is nothing without a husband.


Delay has always been attacked by her followers of her not being married and this time she has spoken as she claims she has had enough.

well according to the fan in the comment section of Delay, she is nothing without a husband.

and Delay who was pissed off emotionally replied;

“I grew up hearing people tell me over and over that I was nothing. 
I had to fight my whole life to prove to myself that I am something. I swallow a lot of things, but I don’t take such trash. I couldn’t go to bed without putting this out here. I’ve had ENOUGH of their rubbish!”

see screenshot below;

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delay's post