Delay and Wendy Shay smoke the peace pipe after meeting for the first time following their beef. (Video)

Controversial show host, Deloris Frimpong Manson best known as ‘Delay’ has finally reconnected with her “rival,” Wendy Shay, for the first time since their recent breakup.

In an interview on her show, Delay expressed her displeasure as to why Wendy Shay had suddenly developed an interest in piercing and a bizarre fashion sense. Previously, the two enjoyed a friendly working relationship.

According to Delay, Wendy Shay was going through a major or severe depression at the time.

Wendy Shay and her employer, Bullet, were both offended by Delay’s comments, so they unfollowed the show host on Instagram and other social media networks at the time.

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It was just yesterday at the HD Plus anniversary that the two dedicated women agreed to put their differences aside and embrace one other.

watch the video below: