“Dangote drove my mother home when i was born” -Davido

Nigerian musician Davido has spoken up about his relationship with billionaire Dangote, revealing that the richest man in Africa was the one who brought him from the hospital when he was born.

Davido claimed in an interview that he has a very deep connection with the billionaire because his father and Dangote are best of friends.

Davido revealed in a recent interview with the ‘Earn Your Leisure’ Podcast that he occasionally speaks with Dangote, who constantly advises him to keep the money he earns from his music and other companies.

I have a really close relationship with Uncle Dangote because he drove me home from the hospital when I was born.”

When asked why he continues to encourage younger artists, OBO stated that he believes they will be greater if they are shown love, as he did not have support when he first came out due to his history and had to constantly prove that he was excellent and brilliant.