Criss Waddle set me up, He is the reason am in prison – Showboy drops secrets on how he was jailed

Showboy, born Sam Kwabena Safo Junior, has revealed how he ended up in jail following a brutal confrontation with Junior US at his house in America.

Showboy, the alienated member of Criss Waddle’s AMG Business organization, has gone deep into things five years after his incarceration.

In a recent social media post, the guilty musician made some outrageous accusations about Criss Waddle.

Criss Waddle allegedly set up the musician, according to him. According to Showboy, on July 3, 2016, the AMG CEO dispatched Junior US to his residence to repay the money he (Criss Waddle) owed him.

“Remember in the wake of the news in its original state, Showbow disclosed that the victim (Junior) disrespected his then-friend Criss Waddle by calling him broke and making other derogatory statements about him which got him furious into an argument that led to their fight.

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Showboy claims that Criss Waddle set him up by bringing Junior US to his house to show a misunderstanding, which led to the brawl. Showboy claims that Junior was never his buddy, but that he (Junior) despised him out of jealously.

Those words, he feels, were meant to push him into doing his worst, and he was truly caught in the web. Showboy stabbed Junior US in the middle of a severe brawl, claiming it was in self-defense.

“I was the one who was attacked first, and I retaliated by stabbing. My adrenaline is out of control. I tried everything I could to stay alive at the time. ” A portion of his narrated story that was posted on social media reads

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He went on to say that when he was arraigned in court, Criss Waddle and a few other guys boldly testified against him, denied everything, and said they were afraid of him. Worst of all, he admitted to the court that he was a gangster.

Criss Waddle has not visited him or reached out to him in any way since his imprisonment, according to the musician.

It has been five years, and Showboy is still reeling from the tragedy. According to his article, he was traumatized by the experience, which caused him to become mentally ill while in prison.

below is a screenshot;

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