Court Decision: Woman Ordered to Compensate Ex-Boyfriend GH¢895,255 for Heartbreak”

A woman in Kanungu has been ordered by the Chief Magistrate’s Court to refund 9.4 million shillings (approximately $80,000) to a man who had paid for her education. Fortunate Kyarikunda, who had been sponsored by Richard Tumwine for her studies, backed out of their planned marriage. The court ruled in favor of Tumwine, stating that Kyarikunda breached their promise to marry.

According to court documents, Tumwine, a former teacher, met Kyarikunda in 2015 when she was doing her teaching practice at Kiringa Primary School. They eventually entered into a relationship, with Tumwine agreeing to support Kyarikunda’s studies at the Law Development Centre. The total cost of her education amounted to 9.4 million shillings.

However, in February 2022, Kyarikunda declined Tumwine’s proposal to arrange an introduction ceremony, claiming that he was too old for her. As a result, Tumwine took legal action against her.

In delivering the ruling, Magistrate Asanasio Mukobi ordered Kyarikunda to refund the full amount spent on her education and pay 1 million shillings in general damages to Tumwine for the inconvenience and psychological anguish caused. Additionally, Kyarikunda was instructed to cover the legal costs.

The court deemed that Kyarikunda’s failure to fulfill the promise to marry constituted a breach of trust, entitling Tumwine to reimbursement of the funds he had invested in her education. The judge also determined that Tumwine should be awarded the costs of the lawsuit.

The case serves as a reminder of the importance of fulfilling promises and honoring commitments, as well as the potential legal consequences of failing to do so.


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