Couple sets a new record by doing their wedding without the presence of relatives, friends, and other guests.

An American couple exemplified what some of us have been preaching about the need to curtail wedding excesses, and they did so in style.

The bride and groom conducted a low-key wedding with no guests in attendance, not even relatives and friends, and this has immensely impressed a cross-section of the internet people while generating divergent viewpoints from all directions.

The woman wore a plain milk-colored dress with a veil over her face, while the man wore a spotless white shirt and slacks. They quietly walked out of the church after their wedding, the woman holding only flowers.

See reactions below.

@Tsei_Tsei; I really think weddings are about two people. I ain’t got time for wedding speeches yooh

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@Lyne_Banks; Perfect! No need to feed people they don’t like or people that didn’t bother to bring gifts.

@pamela_mambamba; Exactly what i would like But yhoo being the only girl in a black family is a big thing.

@mo_tuckie; Congratulations one more time to the couple @hybre_

@Pianopella; This…then dinner with CLOSE family & friends, hotel, then honeymoon travels straight away

@lydiaannor; My type of wedding, I love this. No time for unnecessary spending

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