Comedian Sydney Talker shares photos of her alleged girlfriend whom he claims is his mother [Video]

Sydney Talker, an Instagram comedian, has generated responses with photographs of his lovely young mother, who may qualify for his sister, as she celebrates her birthday today, December 1st, 2021.

Sydney Talker posted images of her mother wearing an orange dress with a ponytail packing gel hairstyle and various photoshoot poses on his Instagram page.

As he rained prayers on his mother, Sydney Talker characterized her as his queen, world, guardian, love, and number one person in the world.

He wrote: Happy birthday to my Queen, my world, my guardian, my love, my number person in the world, my MOM. wishing you long life and prosperity. May the lord guide and protect you. And may he grant all your heart desires. Your new age is BLESSED. Love you always @mfashion_designs.

Netizens reacted to the images, claiming that Sydney Talker’s mother is too young and that the woman is most likely his sister.

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robbylaw_ wrote: Wooo she is Too young to be his mum. Money is good.

honorthyancestors wrote: She looks single

angelicglow_skincare wrote: Wait! Make una no vex. Biko how old is Sydney Talker again?

beautifulbubes wrote:He’s still a young son. Mom is super cute happy birthday mama Sydney