Collecting gifts from another man while you are in a relationship is cheating – Lady claims

A young woman has taken to social media to condemn the common practice of women accepting gifts from admirers while in a relationship with another man.

The fact is that women are known for chasing or wishing for materialistic things, so when you offer to give them something, they will gladly accept it, but they will never want anything to do with you again.

A Twitter user known as @yay tunes has taken to the popular microblogging site to criticize coworkers who accept gifts from men they are not dating.

She stated that it is improper for a woman to accept a gift from another man while being in a relationship with someone else.

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She believes it is unethical for a woman to accept gifts from a man who knows she has a man in her life.

she tweeted;

“Collecting gifts from a man you know likes you whilst being in a relationship is cheating”

below is a screenshot;