Close friend of Abesim K!ller Richard, reveals how he almost k!lled him when he went to help him in the farm (video)

Following the murder case in Abesim, a close friend of the jailed 28-year-old Richard Appiah has made a number of startling revelations.

In a Facebook interview with Sunyani-based Ark FM, a close friend of the arrested killer, who went by the name Nyame Noah, described his near-death experience with him.

According to Noah’s account, Richard once asked him for assistance on his cocoa farm, after which he promised to assist him in finding an office job.

Richard approached Nyame at a time when he (Nyame) was in desperate need of a job to make ends meet.

Without a second thought, he agreed to Richard’s requirements and followed him to the farm to begin work.

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Work on the farm came to an abrupt halt on the first day because he was afraid for his safety.

Richard’s strange behavior on the farm made Noah suspicious, according to Noah’s report.

He said that the Abesim assassin tried to kill him one day when they were both working on the property.

Take the time to watch the entire narration here; pay attention until the very end.

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