"Church ushers always drag me to Sunday school because of my height" – Don Little

“Church ushers always drag me to Sunday school because of my height” – Don Little

Actor Don Little has said that he quit attending church services for nearly two years owing to poor treatment from ushers who took him from adult to children’s services due to his dwarfism.

The small guy complained about the unjust treatment he receives from youngsters and occasionally adults who make fun of his height.

In an interview with Oman Channel, he said that he has learned to disregard all of the bad remarks that used to bother him when he was younger.

“I used to ask God so many questions back when my friends in school used to laugh at me. I would stand in front of the mirror and wonder what makes others laugh at me. I sometimes have elderly people laugh at me.

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“I have had elderly people look down on me and make fun of me. It sometimes happens in church. I remember going to church and sitting in the main auditorium, the usher came to grab me, gave me a toffee, and dragged me to Sunday School (children’s service). It is not easy, this thing is serious. They claim I am little and because of my height, someone can drag me from adult service, take me to the children’s service, and give me a toffee,” Don Little stated.

Despite his hard effort in building a reputation for himself in the movie industry, the actor known for his roles in Kumawood films said that such incidents bruised his ego.

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“When such things happen, I get heartbroken and walk out of the church. That stopped me from going to church… I wasn’t in church for almost two years,” he revealed.

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