See Posters of Church crusade that will make you laugh your sorrows away

For a long time, churches have relied on posters to raise awareness about a particular program or even normal services.

The people we see on the flier or poster are one factor that influences people’s decision to attend certain events (if the person has previous knowledge of the guest speaker or have heard of him).

The tag/topic/theme of a program is another significant factor that attracts the interest of many people to it. The theme of a curriculum will either convince someone to participate or convince them to reconsider.

As a result, there is almost always a strong effort to come up with captivating themes for the show that can draw people’s interest and create a strong urge in audiences to attend the program.

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This has resulted in us seeing posters that not only make us laugh, but also make us wonder whether these people learned about this subject from the one they pretend to represent, or even if they are Christians at all.

see some funny church posters below.

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