Chief Imam invites Prophet Nigel Gaisie To His House To Advise Him. (see details)

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has been summoned by the Chief Imam of Ghana to provide some words of advice. The gathering took place in the residence of the Chief Imam. Ayite Powers, a Ghanaian boxer, was among the persons that joined Prophet Nigel on his journey.

A variety of topics were covered between Chief Iman and Prophet Nigel during the meeting. It was considered, among other things, how religious leaders will conduct themselves in order to promote peaceful coexistence in the country.

Prophet Nigel took to his social media accounts to express his gratitude to the Chief Imam for the words of advice he received. Nigel further stated that Chief Iman is a man of utter humility, who has no respect for worldly money or status. He went on to say that Chief Iman is “a man of love, a man of nice words, and a man who represents a great institution of tremendous knowledge.”

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Following their encounter, Chief Iman prayed for Prophet Nigel, imploring God to sustain him so that he might continue his excellent work in the future.