“Certificate Will Not Do Anything For You i UK I Wish I Knew This Earlier” – Ghanaian man in UK reveals

Kwesi Badu, a Ghanaian financial educationist residing in the United Kingdom, has claimed that getting qualifications alone will not guarantee success.

Finding a solution to a problem, according to this man, is the only way to achieve financial success.

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In an exclusive interview with ‘Daily Hustle in the UK,’ the former mathematics teacher stated that while he does not dismiss the value of education, students must focus on problem-solving.

“Making money and becoming successful is not in the certificate acquired,” he said. “Rather, identifying a problem and finding a solution to it. That’s where you make more money.”

He clarified that; “I’m not saying people should not go for certificates because I have five of them. It’s not a bad thing but there are opportunities everywhere. Certificates will not do anything for you. I wish I knew this so many years ago”.

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Additionally, Kwesi Badu stated that there are four distinct levels of wealth. The first category includes those with ideas. According to him, creative folks are the wealthiest people on the planet because they earn money from their ideas.

watch the video below: