Cartoon Images of Dr Likee Takes Over The Internet – Check Out

– Ghanaian actor Dr. Likee honored by an artist with cartoon portraits
– Comedian shares photos on Instagram, appreciating the artwork
– Fans react with excitement, guessing the movies reflected in the cartoons
– Dr. Likee shares cartoon images on social media, mimicking funny scenes from his popular movies
– Portraits capture his distinct mannerisms and humorous expressions
– Sarboat, the artist, recognized for exceptional work
– Dr. Likee’s hard work was recognized in Ghana and beyond, with his image printed on a bus in the UK
– Ghanaians react positively, laughing at the gestures and guessing the movie names
– Dr. Likee was praised for inspiring other talents

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Ghanaian Actor Dr. Likee Honored with Cartoon Portraits

Ghanaian actor and YouTuber Dr. Likee, also known as Ebenezer Akwesi Antwi, has recently been honored by an artist who has created cartoon portraits of the talented entertainer. Dr. Likee took to his Instagram page to share photos of the beautiful artwork, expressing his appreciation for the masterpieces. The comedian’s fans were thrilled by the cartoons, eagerly guessing the movies they reflected.

Dr. Likee, known for his hilarious short films, delighted his followers by sharing funny-looking cartoon portraits that mimicked some of the most memorable scenes in his popular movies. These images captured his distinct mannerisms and humorous expressions perfectly, showcasing his exceptional talent.

The artist behind these remarkable cartoon portraits, Sarboat, was acknowledged by Dr. Likee for his exceptional work. Sarboat’s ability to capture Dr. Likee’s popular funny gestures with remarkable precision was highly appreciated.

This is not the only good news that Dr. Likee has received and shared with his fans. Recently, a video showing Ras Nene’s image on a bus in the UK went viral, thrilling Ghanaians and showcasing how far the actor has come. The recognition of his hard work both in Ghana and beyond has been truly remarkable.

Ghanaians reacted positively to Dr. Likee’s cartoon photos, finding joy in his funny gestures and trying to guess the names of the movies they resembled. The comments section of the post was filled with laughter and excitement, as fans shared their appreciation for the talented actor.

One fan, richardcoffie41, expressed their amusement, saying, “Eyyyy as3m oooo,” while isemmanuel88 guessed the movies, commenting, “David and Goliath Akashaolin.” Even other celebrities like Wanlov joined in, suggesting movies like “Apocalypto & Hwoalin Sucker.” The engagement and enthusiasm from the fans were overwhelming.

Sumsum Ahuofedua, another Ghanaian talent, praised Dr. Likee for inspiring others in the entertainment industry. He highlighted how Dr. Likee’s work has helped people and impacted the business, making his period as a celebrated celebrity truly astounding.

Dr. Likee’s cartoon portrait honor and the recognition he has received both in Ghana and internationally are a testament to his hard work, talent, and ability to bring joy to his fans. His infectious humor and unique style continue to inspire and entertain many, making him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Dr. Likee’s recent recognition through cartoon portraits has brought excitement and joy to both him and his fans. His ability to capture funny moments in his movies through these cartoons has further showcased his exceptional talent. With his work being appreciated not only in Ghana but also internationally, Dr. Likee continues to inspire and entertain others in the entertainment industry.

Cartoon Images of Dr Likee Takes Over The Internet - Check Out


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