Canada-based Kenyan Lady drowns in swimming pool while live streaming on Facebook (Video)

Canada-based Kenyan Lady drowns in swimming pool while live streaming on Facebook (Video)

A Kenyan lady drowned while live-streaming herself on Facebook in a swimming pool in Canada.

Hellen Wendy, a nurse living in Toronto, Ontario, according to her Facebook profile, was in a good mood moments before the tragedy.

“Nimetoka job, I’m feeling good,” she said moments after she went live.

“It’s 2 o’clock here,” she added as she intermittently responded to viewers in the comment section while playing with water.

Wendy dove into the water at 5:45 p.m., several meters away from her recording device, most likely a phone.

She continued to dive, holding her face underwater for several seconds before swimming back to read the comments.

This continued for several minutes until the tenth minute, when she leaped into what appeared to be the deep end of the pool.

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Wendy began gasping for air at exactly 10:33 minutes, making gurgle sounds while kicking and screaming in a futile attempt to swim away from the danger zone.

She made the last sound before everything went silent at 11:54.

The camera continued to roll for 3 hours until a man appeared at the 3:09 hour mark.

Two minutes later, another man approached the person in the pool and inquired as to what was in the water.

“I thought it’s a poodle or something,” he said.

A poodle is a breed of dog with a curly coat that is often ornamentally clipped. Wendy wore a multicoloured swimsuit and had long hair.

“What if it’s actually someone dead?” the other man asked.

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He went around the pool and confirmed that it was indeed a person, at which point he went to contact the facility’s caretaker.

Watch the video below;