Can Afia Schwarzenegger really get Twene Jonas Deported to Ghana in 3 months?

  • Twene Jonas, a social commentator residing in the United States, faces a three-month deadline set by Afia Schwarzenegger for her deportation.
  • Twene Jonas and Afia Schwarzenegger have been involved in a social media spat that started when Afia Schwarzenegger took a sly dig at Twene Jonas for his harsh criticism of Ghanaian politicians, to which Twene Jonas responded with heavy punchlines.
  • Afia Schwarzenegger produced a video during the media frenzy stating publicly that she had reported Twene Jonas to the American Embassy and asked that she be deported within three months.

The clock is ticking down to Afia Schwarzenegger’s three-month deadline for the deportation of Twene Jonas, a social commentator living in the United States.

Twene Jonas and Afia Schwarzenegger have been embroiled in a social media dispute that began when Afia Schwarzenegger made a subtle jab at Twene Jonas for his harsh criticism of Ghanaian politicians, to which he replied with hefty punchlines.

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Ghanaians have been seeing a nasty exchange of words between the two for the past several days, an event that could be compared to a verbal war. The conflict had devolved to the point that both parties were resorting to personal insults.

During the media frenzy, Afia Schwarzenegger released a video announcing publicly that she had denounced Twene Jonas to the American Embassy and requested that she be deported within three months.

The grounds for reporting the social commentator, according to her, is mostly based on his purported verbal attacks against the President, national chief Imam, and the Ashanti, as well as his display of wealth on social media.

All of these charges were refuted by the pundit and his legions of supporters, who saw his strategy, which primarily consists of absurd comparisons of America’s possibilities to Ghana’s developmental failures, as the “only way to get Ghanaian leaders’ attention to do the right thing.”

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Twene Jonas is unconcerned about the alleged complaints submitted by his feuding partner seeking his deportation. To further agitate the situation, he calls bluffs despite the possibility of deportation. He claims that Afia Schwarzenegger, whom he has dubbed “fufu funu,” lacks the necessary qualifications to deport him.

The question of whether the above-mentioned reasons are sufficient grounds for his expulsion is dependent on the severity with which the embassy treats the report submitted and the passage of time. What are your thoughts?

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