“Brush your teeth twice I don’t care how beautiful you are” – Nigerian actor Mike to ladies crushing on him

In fact, bacteria that can be found in your mouth and that survive by eating the fragments of food leftover from your meals are the most common cause of bad breath in most people.

When brushing their teeth, many people forget to brush the insides of their teeth or their back teeth.

In an Instagram post, Nigerian actor Mike Godson offered free advice to beautiful women on how to keep themselves clean, particularly their mouths.

Specifically, he urged the female sex to make a habit of brushing their teeth twice a day and cleaning their mouths after eating.

He stated that he does not look at the beauty of people who do not matter to him, but rather at his nose in order to avoid inhaling bad breath.

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he wrote;

“Dear women, always brush your teeth twice a day, I don’t care how pretty you are, don’t kill me with bad breath”.

below is a screenshot of his post;