Brilliant boy lists items to mom to mark ‘Our Day’ in school goes viral as KiDi volunteers to perform

A letter from a boy to his mother instructing her to give him a list of goods to celebrate his school’s vacation day has generated responses, attracting the attention of Ghanaian artist KiDi.

The little boy begs his mother to “read every tiny note” in a letter dated July 29, 2021, and headed Things to Bring on Our Day.

His first request was for a “big coke” for his teacher, Mrs. Appiah, and he also informed his mother that his teacher had given him permission to bring his iPad to school on Our Day.

He requested a box of cookies and beverages, white chocolate or Easter eggs, and a large Ceres drink for items four, five, and six, respectively.

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The youngster, whose identity has not been revealed, also brought breakfast and lunch items as well as a timetable, asking his mother to choose between the two alternatives he had specified.

The child described why he believed he earned the excellent reward for the important day beneath the letter.

According to the youngster, he did very well in his end-of-term examinations, making her pleased, and he urged her not to let him down.

”Mommy, I am begging you, don’t disappoint me on Our Day,” stressing ”It’s my day on Friday, so please don’t disappoint me. Thank you,” he said. He explained: ”Otherwise, you will ruin my day … If I don’t celebrate well, I will have to wait for a long time again. I didn’t disappoint you in the exam, so please don’t disappoint me,” he said.

below is the note;

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Kidi on the other hand commented that he will perform at the boy’s school during the ‘Our Day’

”Chale where the kiddie ein school dey? I go like go perform for them,” he said.

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