Bride runs off from her wedding after she discovered her husband slept with his ex the day before (video)

The bride, who has yet to be identified, had abandoned her wedding just minutes after exchanging vows in the church.

According to what we have learned, the woman discovered her newlywed spouse was a cheater after the wedding ceremony.

Bride leaves her groom in shock a few minutes after saying ‘I do’

According to insiders, the two have been dating for the past six years and have decided to marry as husband and wife.

The bride had no idea that her husband was a cheater who had been having an affair with another lady, even on the day of their wedding.

The bride can be seen beating her husband in full front of the public in a video shared on social media.

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The groom, on the other hand, was seen pleading with her for forgiveness, but she kept crying and asking why.

The bridesmaids were also heard saying that he had only recently married her and had done this to her. The bride, unable to bear it any longer, took to her heels as several onlookers trailed her.

Check out the video below:

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