“Bride of the Year” – Rare Video Of The Beautiful and Curvy New Bride, Racheal Jones

A beautiful video of Kojo Jone’s beautiful wife, Racheal Jones, has surfaced on the internet, and Ghanaians are swooning over her.

The latest bride in town was dressed in a very expensive and well-tailored Kente gown adorned with emeralds in the video.

The hashtag #Jonesbond2022 is currently trending on the internet as a result of the young couple’s extravagant wealth displayed at their traditional ceremony.

Mrs. Racehal Jones is a complete package because she possesses all of the body features that some ladies pay a lot of money to surgeons to obtain.

The #Jonesbond2022 wedding will go down in Ghanaian history as one of the most expensive traditional weddings ever hosted, with top politicians and businessmen from all over Ghana flocking to show their support for the lovebirds.

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Watch her video below;