Brave Driver Runs Over Armed Robber During Attack on Market Women

– Introduction: Armed robbery attempt on a bus filled with market women
– Incident details: Attack on the bus near Ahyiaem town, damage to the vehicle
– Response: Police officer serving as escort returns fire, killing one robber
– Discovery: Mutilated body of a Fulani male found at the scene
– Investigation: Deceased sent to the morgue for identification, search for remaining suspects
– Conclusion: The incident highlights the ongoing issue of armed robbery in the area

Brave Bus Driver Takes Down Armed Robber During Attack on Market Women

In a daring act of heroism, a sprinter bus driver thwarted an armed robbery attempt on a bus filled with market women. The incident occurred on the Ejura-Nkoranza stretch, as the bus was making its way back from Yeji towards Sunyani. According to a police situational report, the bus, with the registration number AS 9159-14, was ambushed by five armed Fulani males just as it approached the outskirts of Ahyiaem town.

Eyewitnesses recounted the terrifying moment when the attackers fired shots into the bus, damaging the fan blade and causing panic among the passengers. However, their fear was short-lived as the quick action of a police officer, who was serving as an escort for the bus, turned the tables on the criminals. The officer bravely returned fire, resulting in the prompt death of one of the robbers.

When the chaos subsided, the police arrived at the scene to find the lifeless body of a mutilated Fulani male adult, believed to be in his late 20s, lying in the middle of the road. The deceased was dressed in a black jacket over a pink African shirt, paired with black Addidas trousers. His body has been transferred to the morgue at St. Theresa’s Hospital, where it will undergo identification and a postmortem examination.

As the investigation continues, authorities are on the lookout for the remaining four suspects, who are rumored to be on the run. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing issue of armed robberies in the area, urging individuals and communities to remain vigilant and work together to combat such crimes.

In conclusion, the bravery displayed by the sprinter bus driver and the police officer during the armed robbery attempt on the market women is commendable. Their swift action not only saved the lives of the passengers but also sent a strong message to criminals that their actions will not go unchecked. As the search for the remaining suspects continues, it is crucial for the community to come together and support law enforcement in their efforts to ensure the safety and security of all.

Brave Driver Runs Over Armed Robber During Attack on Market Women


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