Beef Alert: Kuami Eugene blast Guru once again after the two settled their differences months ago

Previously, Kuami Eugene expressed his displeasure with Guru in a previous interview, and he has since expressed his displeasure with the “Lapaz Toyota” hitmaker once more.

While appearing on Kumasi’s Angel FM for an interview, the  LYNX Entertainment artist didn’t hold back in his description of Guru and other singers that criticized him simply because he turned down their feature proposals as “foolish.”

If a fellow musician verbally attacks him simply because he did not jump on his or her song after being requested, Kuami Eugene believes that this is really stupid on his or her part.

The “Angela” singer went on to say that his management receives a large number of phone calls each day from people seeking a feature with him, but that they are unable to keep up with the demand.

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He also took a go at musicians who believe they are veterans and so require him to automatically agree to be on their songs. Most likely, he was referring to Guru and citing the events that led to their feud.

Kuami Eugene is alleged to have said the following:

It’s preferable to approach me in a brotherly manner than to assume you’re older than I am.” It’s preferable to collaborate like brothers. The approach is critical, regardless of how much older you are than me. We will be relaxed and work on the music if the approach is peaceful.

I can’t be on every song because if I did, I would have appeared on multiple tracks because Lynx receives requests for a feature with me on a daily basis.

It wasn’t just one individual we couldn’t work with; some of them were even celebrities, yet we couldn’t get along. It doesn’t mean the individual should come into the studio and attack me or a member of my family; it would be pointless. If the flow comes and we work together, that’s great, but don’t disrespect me if we don’t…

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