“Because of Abedi Pele’s name we were treated like Royalty when we got to Morrocco”- Adventurers traveling from Ghana to London reveals

A group of 12 Ghanaian travellers, on a journey from Accra to London, recently shared captivating tales from their adventure with the BBC. Among the various encounters they recounted, one particular incident stood out – an unexpected and heartwarming encounter in Morocco.

As the group made their way through Morocco, they found themselves at the center of a remarkable experience. Upon entering the country, a friendly policeman approached them and inquired about their origin. When they mentioned Ghana, the policeman’s eyes immediately lit up with recognition. He made reference to the legendary Ghanaian football icon, Abedi Pele, who is widely revered in Morocco.

In a delightful turn of events, the policeman activated the sirens on his patrol vehicle, transforming himself into an impromptu escort for the Ghanaian travellers. With the police car leading the way, the group found themselves being guided through the streets of Morocco. This unexpected gesture not only provided them with a sense of security but also created a bond between the travellers and the policeman.

The Ghanaian travellers described their experience in Morocco as overwhelmingly positive. They found the people to be friendly and hospitable, and this encounter with the police officer only solidified their positive perception of the country. It was an unforgettable moment that showcased the power of football and the impact of iconic figures like Abedi Pele in bridging cultures and fostering connections.

As the group continues their journey towards London, they carry with them these cherished memories of their time in Morocco. Their story serves as a reminder of the warmth and kindness that can be found in unexpected places, and the lasting impression that a shared passion for sports can have on bringing people together.

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