Beautiful SHS girl ruins her pretty face after getting addicted to drugs (Watch video)

– Drug addiction has taken its toll on Abigail, transforming her from stunning beauty to a sorrowful and unrecognizable state.
– The distressing video of her decline has gone viral on social media, subjecting her to ridicule and mockery.
– Abigail’s story begins in Pankrono, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, where her captivating beauty made her well-known.

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Abigail was once a radiant and enchanting young lady, capturing the attention of many with her striking looks. Her beauty became her identity, earning her a reputation in Pankrono and beyond.

Unfortunately, Abigail’s addiction to drugs has stripped away her beauty, leaving her in a pitiful and disheveled state. The addiction has ensnared her, making it a constant struggle to break free from its grip. The once vibrant and beautiful Abigail has become a shadow of her former self, lost in the clutches of her addiction.

Abigail’s heartbreaking story touched the compassionate heart of Dr. Likee and other kind-hearted individuals. Driven by empathy, they have rallied together to extend a helping hand to Abigail in her time of need. Their support serves as a glimmer of hope in Abigail’s darkened world, showing her that she is not alone in her battle against addiction.

Abigail is now receiving treatment to combat her addiction, embarking on a journey toward recovery. The road to recovery may be arduous, but Abigail is determined to reclaim her lost beauty and rebuild her life. With the unwavering support from Dr. Likee and others, she is taking the necessary steps to free herself from the grip of addiction.

Abigail’s story serves as a reminder of the devastating impact of drug addiction on individuals’ lives. It also highlights the importance of compassion and support in helping those struggling with addiction. Let us stand together, offering a helping hand to those who have lost their way, and work towards a society where addiction is met with understanding, empathy, and effective treatment.


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