Beautiful Little Lady Gets A Date On Date Rush (Videos)

Beautiful Little Lady Gets A Date On Date Rush (Videos)

With her beautiful personality and demeanor, a pretty little lady shut down TV3’s date rush show. Benita, a young woman who had previously been on an episode of the show, had little fortune last night.

Benita, on the other hand, was spoiled for choice on Sunday night as the males fawned over her. As Benita demonstrated her dancing skills, a large number of the boys came center stage to dance with her.

After watching the initial profile video, the guys looked impressed with the girl, and they all continued to rush for her.

Benita posed a question that caused a number of people to turn around and chuckle at the boys’ response. She inquired as to whether the males were willing to forego sex in a relationship.

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She had previously indicated that she was a virgin and that she was not interested in pursuing a sexual relationship.

Despite the fact that the person she finally picked, Hayford, declared he could not live without sex, she chose him despite his opposition to her beliefs.

Her decision sparked debate on social media.

Watch her videos below;