Beautiful lady k!lls herself after discovering her Husband stole her life savings to Marry another woman

A woman in Madziwa, Zimbabwe, is said to have taken her own life after her husband allegedly stole her savings.

Her husband (only known as Norman) had used the money to marry another woman, and Auxillia Banda found out and committed suicide as a result of the revelations.

At the time of her death in Madziwa, Auxillia was a mathematics teacher who had four female students in Form 2, Grade 7, Grade 4, and a two-year-old.

Woman Takes Her Life After Finding Out Her Husband Stole Her Life Savings To Marry Another Woman »™

Deputy Commissioner Paul Nyathi acknowledged the event and said it was currently under investigation. “Yes, we can confirm that we have reports of a lady from Madziwa who committed suicide after her husband, a policeman, took her money and used it to marry another woman,” Nyathi said.