Barber Stirs Online As He Cuts Hair With Knives in New Video

Barber Stirs Online As He Cuts Hair With Knives in New Video

Safro Fades, a barber, has gone viral on social media for one of his hair-cutting videos, in which he displayed his talent using unusual tools.

He is shown using blades to cut a client’s hair in the viral video, displaying the outstanding job done at the end.

Several internet users have reacted to the video with various comments over the way

If you’re bored with the typical method of cutting your hair which often involves a clipper, then Safro Fades might just be the one for you.

The professional barber has an Instagram page where he posts footage of himself cutting clients’ hair.

One video, in particular, has gone viral on the internet. In the video, he is shown cutting hair using knives rather than scissors or clippers.

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In the now-viral video, Safro cuts the hair of a client who does not appear terrified or uncomfortable despite the bizarre choice of tools.

Watch the video below:


“The way my skin will breakout from razor bumps.”


“We’re so talented, it’s in our DNA.”


“He gone lose his mind once that alcohol pad touches his forehead.”


“Knife made out of vibranium! “


“Don’t be surprised. Africans used to do intricate haircuts centuries before with regular blades. Look up traditional Rwandese haircuts for example.”


“Those knives are straight from Wakanda, stop playing!! Pay that man his full charge + TIP.”


“*Searches barber steak knives on Amazon*”


“It’s clean but I’ll be scared, the way I’ll be flinching, I’ll get cut off gp.”


“Meanwhile all my knives won’t even cut bread in half.”


“What kinda knives that is. Cause these dull kitchen knives ain’t it.”