Ayisha Modi Speaks After Abass Sariki Denies Her, Drops Proof Of Marriage

Ayisha Modi has been claiming for years that Abass Sariki is her husband. However, in a recent interview with Sammy Kay, Abass Sariki denied having any official relationship with Ayisha Modi.

Despite Abass Sariki’s denial, Ayisha Modi says that she is still connected with him. She also takes responsibility for angering him and causing him to verbally assault her.

Ayisha Modi even goes as far as to say that the insults from Abass Sariki were good. She believes that she deserved them and blames herself and the bloggers for the situation.

According to Ayisha Modi, Abass Sariki warned her not to bring any friends to his home. She admits that if she had listened to him, the verbal assaults would not have happened.

Abass Sariki clarifies that he is a well-known figure in the community and some people use his name to get things done. However, he will not tolerate anyone who uses his name for evil purposes.

The situation between Ayisha Modi and Abass Sariki remains unclear. While Ayisha Modi claims to still be connected with him, Abass Sariki denies any official relationship. Regardless, it is important to treat others with respect and not use their name for personal gain.

Effah Gideon

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