Ayisha Modi deletes her social media accounts after breaking up with stonebwoy

Ayisha Modi has deleted her Instagram account amid rumors of a split with artist Stonebwoy.

This week, many entertainment blogs reported a breakup between Stonebwoy and his biggest fan, Ayisha Modi.

Nobody expected the two to be at odds, given how Ayisha Modi fights people who disagree with Stonebwoy on a regular basis.

She acted as the Dancehall musician’s unofficial spokesman.

SheLovesStonebwoy is her Instagram handle, which catapulted her to mainstream media prominence.

A search on Instagram reveals that the account is no longer active, implying that Ayisha Modi has removed herself from the platform.

This essentially confirms her breakup with Stonebwoy, as she has previously stated that if she falls out with Stonebwoy, she will withdraw from social media.

She made this pledge in one of her numerous interviews when she was asked what she would do in case a break up happens between herself and Stonebwoy