Axim People smoke and fry the 60 dolphins which washed ashore dead for public consumption.

On Sunday, April 4, 2021, over 60 dolphins washed ashore in Axim-Bewire, Western Region.

The residents of Axim have begun smoking and frying some of the washed-ashore dolphins, according to a follow-up visual observation by UTV Ghana.

People of Axim smoke dolphins

For chop bars and retail consumption, the people of Axim smoke and fry washed-up dolphins.

The already-dead dolphins were purchased from people who picked them up from the beach when the tragic event happened, according to the fishmongers.

People of Axim smoke and fry washed-ashore dolphins for chop bars and market consumption

They have no plans to return the dolphins because they have already roasted, smoked, and fried some to sell on the street and export to chop bars.

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They clarified that they would not return the dolphins to anybody for whatever cause until they are paid for the costs of obtaining and selling them.

WATCH video below:

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