Authorities issue statement in response to Couple getting stuck after ch()ping themselves in lake Bosomtwe

In response to the viral video of lovers reportedly stuck in the lake for having sex, a group claiming to be the administration and management of Lake Bosomtwi has issued a statement.

We learned earlier in the story that the two lovers agreed to go on an excursion around the lake with the help of some friends.

The couple, unable to resist the urge, decided to have sex in the lake, but they became trapped.

The man can be heard screaming in anguish as he tries to take his manhood out in the video that has leaked.

Before the couple was separated, an elder from the community was summoned to pour libations to appease the gods.

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The group’s press release, however, claims that no such incident occurred and that the video was fabricated.

The video that went viral, according to the statement, was from a video shoot rehearsal around the lake.

Read the following statement:

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