At Age 44, Fiifi Coleman might be the cutest man in Ghana (photos)

Fiifi Coleman, a well-known Ghanaian star, is certainly the ladies’ man, as are Majid Michelle and Van Vicker. With his excellent acting skills and good looks, he captured the hearts of many Ghanaians.

Much hasn’t been heard from him since the Ghanaian film industry died and was replaced by international films, but his fans on social media can testify that he still looks amazing.

Fiifi Coleman, according to comic Ghanaian star Clemento Suarez, is 51 years old but only looks 30. This defies logic since, considering how long he has been on our screens, Fiifi Coleman is that ancient.

We did some analysis on his age and found that he was 40 in 2017, which means he will be 44 in 2021. Nonetheless, he seems to be in excellent health.

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